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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jewels by JLC

I have this cousin. And she makes jewelry. I find random pictures on the internet, and she whips it up for me. Seriously folks, girl be talented, affordable, and awesome!
This ring was inspired by one I saw online for almost $50. She made it for $15. It is unique and beautiful!

These earrings she made for me for Christmas last year. I get LOTS of compliments on these.

This necklace has jewel tone pearl type beads (I don't know what they're called I just know they're purrty!) in three different layers. This was originally made for a member of my wedding party but I kept it :) Oops!
And finally, my Kokopelli necklace. This is one of my very favorite pieces of jewelry. I bought the pendant and asked her to create something beachy for the honeymoon we didn't end up taking. It is such a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Want some of your own? Want something custom made for a seriously reasonable price? Hit her up!
Check her out on facebook here and email her at OR check her out on Etsy here.


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